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Hello friends. After this Monday’s post about the wine and ale my parents brought back from a trip to Devon, the most logical next step from a blogging perspective is to talk about the beer!

Now, although I’m a fairly well seasoned beer drinker, I could never write as successfully as the bloggers I wrote about here do. They are the ones with the talented palates, the ardour for ale, the lust for lager. Having said that, I know what I like, and I like this beer. Quite a cloudy ale (lots of silt at the bottom so has to be poured correctly), this copper coloured beer from Red Rock Brewery in Teignmouth is made with real pride, using locally sourced malt and hops. I think it had a slight aftertaste of peanut, though that could just be me. Maybe I’ve been eating too many Reese’s Cups recently.

Still, a…

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Buoyed by the success of our previous day’s mission where we managed to tick off not one but TWO sites of the 12 Scenic Sites of Ulsan, we continued the momentum on Sunday.  In our sights this time round, Gangdong Jujeon Black Pebbles Paved Seashore.  Pretty self explanatory but its always fun to check in with the Ulsan Tourism website and get their sales pitch:

“These small, ball-shaped pebbles, like eggs of a bird, offer a very different feel of the beach, compared to other beaches paved by sand.  Regular-sized pebbles pave the beach evenly.  Visitors often take off their shoes, and enjoy walking on the beach bare foot, since the pebbles work as finger-pressure therapy to their feet.

With the clean East Sea, black pebbles paving the beach and matching the white waves, many lovers and families enjoy the unforgettable scenery.”

Wow, we might feel inclined to…

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